Where’d Zi Go? 2014

I have thought for days on how to describe all the transition I have gone through in a simple little blog post, but I cannot. So here are the bullet points about 2014:

  • I started the year with stripping and sugar in Oregon.
  • I wrote a monthly syndicated magazine column and had my blog.
  • I had two SDs by Summer, whom I enjoyed.
  • By summer I was making enough money that stripping stopping being so appealing. I started dancing less frequently, but was making more than I ever did stripping.
  • Near the end of Summer, I agreed to A1’s arrangement and to give up stripping. He compensated me for this stipulation of our verbal agreement/arrangement. However, he knew he was signing up to be one of two men.
  • Mr. Utah was all over the place, frivolous, and unpredictable. Yet, educated and intelligent as well. We met in Spring in Las Vegas.
  • I spent a few months going between A1 in Portland, to Eugene where I lived, to Vegas where I wanted to live, to Park City Utah where Mr Utah lived, and on vacations as well. I was happy with all the changes and variety I encountered throughout the month. It was planned and logical, unlike the strip club. The fast lane was a nice pace to get to relax in.
  • Dec. 1 My arrangement with Mr Utah ended, it had been months since I had seen him in person.
  • Dec 1 I started seeing A1 exclusively and this was the first time I had ever been monogamous in sugar before. Let the games of being a recovering stripper begin!

There is my story of transactions and transition in a nutshell. I gave up a little piece of my freedom and myself at a time for not enough in exchange in many instances. Never forget the power of being a woman and an emotional creature.

Emotional work is work! Don’t forget to charge!



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