Where’d Zi Go?


About three years ago I stopped blogging about my personal life. Before that my blog was filled with strip club and sugar experiences. However, then I dived into journalism and decided to keep my story to myself. In retrospect, this was probably one of the biggest mistakes I made in my writing career and branding Strip Club Journals. In keeping my story to myself and shutting out the outside world I shut out my readers and for this I apologize. I was not living in my truth for the sake of others. So here we are with a new beginning this fall and I intend to catch y’all up and let you have a little window into what my life is like now.

What is the last thing you remember reading?
  • Do you remember Mr. Utah?
  • A1?
  • Do you remember when I moved?
  • Did you know just Haywood and I drove to Vegas together to start our new life here?
  • Where should I start with my adventures into ordinary?
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