Will Sugar Dating Go Mainstream?


While in Oregon, I have been focusing on writing and promoting my blog. Specifically, promoting my blog on more social media sites to reach mainstream America. I know my demographic, but I am looking to make my niche larger. So far, I have learned: People love fluff pieces, where the struggle is absent and/or behind the scenes. Which is understandable. Who does not love a story where hard work pays off, but that story would not be possible without overcoming barriers.

Mainstream society has stigmas and stereotypes when it comes to sugar dating and strippers. I get to experience them all. Relating to people in mainstream society is a very difficult task. After years of running from the mainstream dilusions, I am ready to take a stand.

Sugar dating is not something that will ever become mainstream. Not every man has the means and/or ability to be a sugar daddy, just as not every woman has the ability to offer more than an escort girlfriend exerience.

Not everyone can be a sugar daddy. Yet, everyone has the ability to buy sex!



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