Will The Adult Industry Take Me Seriously?!?

Here I sit in Oregon in a North face jacket and wholly jeans. Back to my roots and remembering how blessed I truly am. This past year has been a world-wind, but amazing and it just does not stop. Which is the goal and rule of thumb, hard work pays off when tenacious.

This January I will be attending the AVN awards as a writer for Quest Magazine. This is a full circle experience. My brains finally got me somewhere my body alone could not! It is an overwhelming achievement. I do not quite know how to process it all. I just hope for the best and have three months to perpare. After mostly just sugaring this year and not stripping much, I need to work out. Yes, I am still thin and not out of shape, but after years of physical activity at work and being athletic I feel like a bum.

Also, after watching a video interview from last year of Ron Jeremy I am nervous as to how people will perceive me. I am just a small town girl who entered the Adult industry as a stripper to purse her passion and found her niche in sugar. I look more like a normal person than apart of the adult industry nowadays. Of course some people would disagree, but compared to how appearance based used to be I am doing well. However, my worry is will the industry take me seriously if I do not look like one of them anymore?!?


“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
~Franklin D. Roosevelt


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