Win-win Strip Club Radio

Stripping is a win win situation when at its best. Human beings need affection to survive. It is a basic human need. Newborn babies die without human touch and affection. Why would adults be any different? As a girlfriend bluntly informed me recently, “Human beings were not made to be alone.”

In my experiences adults are no different than children in the sense that when something goes wrong in our lives we seek out comfort and affection. Some people look for a quick fix and want emotional fast food just as they eat fast food expecting a fine dining experience. Strip clubs can provide a place where older, disabled, divorced, and/or emotionally overwhelmed people can go to get affection without putting effort into fixing their root issue/s. Instead they invest money for a stripper’s time and affection, a band aide on a broken bone.

Many of these customers would never admit to being unhappy or go see a trained professional to talk about their problems. However, it is amazing what a man will tell a naked woman on his lap. Sexuality and intimacy overlap and often men(some women too) stress sexuality when it is intimacy they truly crave.

Looking into the eyes of someone who needs affection with desire is a very empowering experience. It may just be another night at work in the strip club, but for that customer he had his needs met for the first time in a long time. Desire is a powerful message to send to someone. We all want to feel wanted/desired/needed. A few days out of the month, I leave the strip club with not only a full purse and a smile, but also with the feeling of knowing I made a difference in someone’s life when they needed it most.

This is when the strip club is a win win situation for both myself, a stripper, and a customer.


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