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Often potential SDs think I am just into sugaring for more writing material, because I am honest about writing my blog and freelancing. It is easy to refer a pot to my blog to get a general idea of my life. Rather than spend time getting to know them, only to be disregarded later when they find out I am a stripper.

Why is sugar my choice of companionship? Men will waste a woman’s time by getting them to rearrange their schedule/dreams/goals. Spending time together becomes a career obstical and the woman rarely wins in a patriarchal society/relationship.

I met a pot in Portland today. It made me lose hope(just for the day) in men and I ended up not working at the strip club afterwards(icing on the cake:  the pdx strip club did not have my credit card money from last weekend ready). I should have worked to make my trip to Pdx at least profitable, but it would have been all bad. I would have ended up taking anxiety pills to get through the night or worse I would have drank. This Pot is young, successful, attractive, well-groomed, lives in Portland, and new to the sugar world, but he was late and wasted my time. I sat on the waterfront waiting for him in his own city. He did not even try to show remorse by being more sugary.

This is where the lines between arrangement and relationship blur for men.


“I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.”

~Katherine Mansfield

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