Zi Fun Facts #2

20 Facts About Me

1. I am vegetarian.
2. I love the sun by water(pools, rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans, etc).
3. No children, never married, no pets, but a cactus named Spike in Oregon.
4. I support medical/legalization of marijuana.
5. I can’t count.
6. I rarely wear high heels and/or makeup besides when I am in a strip club or when I go out. I am a designer flip flops and jeans kind of girl.
7. I love to travel and check things off my bucket list.
8. I still strip occasionally, because it provides me the freedom to pursue my writing and travel.
8. Men my own age very rarely interest me.
9. I have a bad back. It hurts continually, but I am learning more about being present in my body and individual muscle movement then ever before.
10. This list is really hard for me to write!
11. I love people, but I absolutely have to have my alone time.
12. I am the queen of useless random facts, I mostly read nonfiction and watch documentaries.
12. Facebook and Netflix are apart of my daily life.
13. My phone is my lifeline, I’m lost without it.
14. Contrary to popular belief I do have a heart and I am quite emotional at times.
15. I love connecting with all kinds of different people from all walks of life.
16. International travel intrigues me, but I have yet to find the perfect travel companion.
17. I love my real friends and family in Oregon to a fault! They make the rainforest with little opportunity feel like home! Which is a feeling I value very much.
18. Just a small town girl who stumbled into the adult industry, which enabled my world to grow so much larger. However, there is always a price, a larger then expected multidimensional price.
19. My favorite foods: vegetarian sushi, tofu, pizza, strawberries, protein bars, hummus, Thai, Indian, I just love good food.
20. Disconnecting in small town Oregon keeps me sane and keeps the little bit of normalcy I have left alive. I love going out to a lake, waterfall, river, or ocean with a friend. Being from Oregon means enjoying bodies of water even in the rain! :-)



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  1. scott seay
    May 16, 2014 at 6:42 am (4 years ago)

    we have never met and I was sent your link by a friend, I have enjoyed you blogs and shares immensely. Being quite older I have experienced life in ways few ever get the chance and as I reflect back on how lucky I have been, my only regret is not having had a special someone to share the experiences. I look forward to reading more or your experience and following your adventure!

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