Zi Fun Facts #3

Meaning of my Business Name

Zi-Fi is a mix of Zi, my dancing Nick name(not my stage name though) and the last part of WI-Fi. I came up with this years ago when I had an office for writing and was just starting my blog. Many late nights after working at the strip club, I would go to my office and write. Thus, the beginning of my writing persona.

StripClubJournals was much easier. I have been journaling since I was a child. And when looking through domain names that were available at the time I got lucky. (The domain name was a late birthday gift from a real life friend and I have maintained it in the years since.) I worked full-time at strip clubs and I love to journal. It just all added up and has become a great outlet and opportunity.

My names/brands all seem to be an extension of different parts of myself that I magnify at times. I am a dancer/stripper/entertainer, sugar baby, observer, and writer. Wearing many different hats can be heavy at times, but knowing my different roles is priceless. ;-)


I will get away from pool perhaps after I adjust to the desert, but don’t bet on it!! LOL


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