Zi Fun Facts #5

My Guilt Pleasure

Where to even start!! I have many guilty pleasures. In the Adult industry, especially when in Vegas, guilty pleasures are blatantly in my face wherever I look. I already had my extreme years in the industry where it was a playground. Now, there is a time and place for guilty pleasures!

When I work at the strip club, my guilty pleasure is champagne! I love it! A glass of champagne and I’m a chatter box, turning my inner stripper on. I have learned recently that people skills are priceless. I was sheltered into thinking everyone had people skills they just had to turn them on. Now, I know it is a learned skill and champagne helps me with my “never met a stranger” attitude at work.

When I go out, I love healthy good food and champagne with strawberries(I’m noticing a trend here). Food is definitely a guilty pleasure. I have to watch what I eat for work purposes, but I still cheat with food as much as possible. Nothing beats a nice meal with great company!

Guilty pleasures are something we all need!



Apparently, a few girlfriends take part with me at times! <3

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